01. June 2018
The pups are now 8 weeks old....they are growing stronger ( and naughtier!) day by day....yesterday Charles even managed to jump back into the run when he realised I was in there preparing their food.....there is no stopping them.... particularly the boys when it comes to food, they eat twice as fast as the girls, a d think they have a right to gobble up their portions too....cheeky monkeys!!! Having said this, they are still adorable. They now come to my whistle, which is a wonderful sight. I...
30. May 2018
29. May 2018
Today it was time for the 8 week vaccination, and this time, instead of the vet coming to us, we enbarked on another road trip...this time to the vet's!! Six pups are much bigger than a couple of weeks ago when we went to the junior school, so the 'cage' was much more of a squeeze this time. But, we made it, 6 chattering pups in the back of the car, and off I went! What an adventure......the surgery, full of new things to sniff and chew at...and they were spoilt with nibbles which they had to...
26. May 2018
The days merge into one another now.....the pups are becoming older amd wiser by the hour! They have completed their puppy test, been chipped and approved. They can bark like a grown up dog, play until their duracel battery runs out, but give them a couple of hours and they bounce back as fresh as a daisy......welcome to week 8 of the puppy world, it is to die for!
23. May 2018
Life is full of fun and games! Another fantastic day in the garden.....
21. May 2018
The Bank holiday weekend was full of fun and games, here are some shots of the doggies inside their outdoor den.....
20. May 2018
Harry amd Meghan were not alone in the Royal celebrations yesterday, the Royal pups had a ball too! When they are let out onto the grass, it's party time, they really run around now, exploring every nook and cranny; under the rhododendrons, behind the bushes, under the hedge, rolling in the sand, pure happiness! After 30 minutes or so, their battery runs out, they go back to their den and it's peice and quiet for a couple of hours before the circus starts all over again!
18. May 2018
Today we had an exciting adventure - the Pups and I visited a junior school in Heemstede. I bundled the 6 pups into their trusted bench, loaded them into the car, and off we went. This was their first introduction to the car, and I must say there was quite a bit of whimpering and moaning, but they were all together, so it wasn't as daunting as it could have been. Once in the class room it was party time! Jane and Cleopatra were extremely happy and excited, running around in between all the...
18. May 2018
17. May 2018

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